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There are now many credit cards that include free travel insurance in the card. This is good news for anyone who loves to travel and likes to be insured during the trip. There is a lot of competition in the credit card market and for this reason the credit card companies enter into agreements with other types of companies and companies about discounts on goods and services and also include things such as free travel insurance.


Best travel credit card with insurance

credit card with insurance

These travel insurance policies are often very favorable and in some cases even better than the ones you pay for. An example is that several of the travel insurance cover a longer period abroad, while it is usual with 60 days through regular travel insurance, you can be insured for 90 days.

Another difference is that the included travel insurance covers others in the travel companion even though they are not family. If one can show that their travel is paid for with the credit card, there are many who will also cover these expenses. Compare your options here:

In the overview you see here you will find a very good selection of credit cards including free travel insurance which we know that in addition to offering favorable terms and conditions such as low effective interest rates and have included good free travel insurance. Here you can click on the buttons to enter the pages of the individual companies if you are wondering what is not listed in our overview. As you can see, one can easily compare the different credit cards against each other and thus find out which credit card suits your wallet best.


Focus on your own needs

travel insurance

To find out which credit card with insurance is the best, sit down and look at your own needs. You need to look at what credit amount you want in relation to the effective interest rate offered and also whether the credit card has other discounts or free features that allow you to save a slightly higher interest rate on other discounts or similar.

The easiest way to do this is to set a monthly budget and then match your budget entries against what the credit card offers or has included. Then you see which credit card gives you the most and at the same time will end up being the cheapest solution for you.


Good solution if you travel a lot

credit cards

For those who travel a lot it is recommended and have both free and paid travel insurance, then you are double covered and can be more confident that you get your expenses covered or problems solved in the best possible way. For example, through the travel insurance on the credit card, hospitals will also be able to withdraw necessary funds for treatment if they end up in a hospital due to illness or accident. Traveling on a budget will have a huge impact on your holiday if you have had to do this yourself and then have it refunded. In many cases such a thing can easily put an end to the whole trip and you have to return to Norway.


5 reasons to have travel insurance

travel insurance

  1. Of course, the biggest reason for having travel insurance is if you should be so unlucky to have an accident or get sick while traveling. Then travel insurance is invaluable. Hospitals and especially private or hospitals that maintain a good standard are paid very well when treating tourists or foreign citizens. It can be something as simple as falling and incurring a fracture, you have to take an x-ray, in some cases they operate, maybe legs need to be fixed and you get plaster. This becomes very expensive if you cover it yourself and with a credit card on hand you can also use the credit card to withdraw the necessary funds.
  2. If you experience a burglary in the hotel room and the like, a credit card with travel insurance will help replace the lost so you can complete your vacation.
  3. If you experience cancellations or problems with your flight or other means of travel, you can be compensated for this
  4. Whether you experience being scammed for money while abroad, or in need of legal assistance because you are a party to a dispute while abroad. For example, legal liability.
  5. Often covers the whole family and in some cases also veterinary expenses if you bring your pet.

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