Credit card with no annual fee and establishment costs

With great market competition and ever-improving terms offered to credit card customers, many people now have cards available with no annual fee or establishment costs. If, for example, you have to use the card as a security buffer in the event of unforeseen expenses or similar, then this is a very good solution for you.


Overview: Best credit card with no annual fee

Overview: Best credit card with no annual fee

In addition to those who want to use a credit card only as collateral in hand, it is also a good option for others. Today, most cards have several discount agreements or other benefits such as free travel insurance to the card, so if you are going out traveling it will often be worthwhile to use the card on the trip.

In the overview you see here you will find hand-picked card companies that offer cards without an annual fee. Use the overview to find the card companies that best suit your use and at the same time give you the lowest effective interest rate on the credit you use.

What is the best card will almost change from customer to customer. Everyone uses cards differently and has different needs.

Therefore, when you want to find the best card with no annual fee then sit down and set a budget and see which credit card gives you the most back in terms of discounts on goods, services and other goods and at the same time has the lowest effective interest rate.


Pitfalls you should know about

credit cards

Although it can actually save you big sums, there are also several pitfalls to be aware of. Credit is, in principle, often money you do not have and you should exercise caution when dealing with money you do not have. There can be unforeseen things that prevent you from paying used credit at maturity and when you do not get paid at maturity, credit card debt has a fairly high effective interest rate.

Especially if you have multiple credit cards it is easy to just use too much, and if you start paying one card with another then you quickly end up in a vicious circle which can be difficult to break out of. It often does not take that much money before you start and struggle and then it is important to keep your tongue straight in the mouth and rather communicate with the card company about a solution rather than end up in the aforementioned vicious circle.

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