Good Reasons To Get A Credit Card

Many people are skeptical about using credit cards and don’t quite see why you might want to get one. Of course, it is wise to be obscure when using credit cards, but as long as you are in control of the finances you can get a lot of benefits by using this instead of a regular credit card. With this list, we want to show that credit cards in no way have to be anything negative, it can actually give you great benefits – as long as you have control over your use.


1. Travel insurance

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is included with most credit cards. This usually applies if at least 50% of the trip is paid by card. If you have paid the trip with the card, then both you and your travel companion are covered – and you do not have to buy extra insurance through the travel company. Remember that the terms on the different cards are slightly different, so read carefully the ones that apply to your card.


2. A money reserve

With a credit card you always have money in hand. If something unexpected happens and money is needed quickly, credit cards can be the solution. You can then buy what you need and later you can choose to pay the full amount at once or pay the minimum amount over time.


3. Free to use

credit loan

There are many credit cards on the market, before deciding which credit card to apply for you should familiarize yourself well with the terms. Several of the credit cards on the market today are completely free of charge. This means that it costs nothing and neither get, have or use the card. Here you can read more about Visa Credits which is a completely free credit card.


4. Security

When you pay with a credit card, you get extra security as a result of section 54b of the Financial Contracts Act. This means that if there are defects / faults / the store has gone bankrupt, you can claim the money back from the credit if you do not get them back from the store. Read the full text of the law here.


5. Cancellation insurance

loan insurance

Also, cancellation insurance is very common on most credit cards. Like travel insurance, this usually applies if at least 50% of the travel is paid with the card. Cancellation insurance covers you if, for example, you become acutely ill before going out and traveling and the like. Keep in mind that the terms of the different insurances vary slightly from one another, so read carefully the ones that apply to your card.


6. Universal

A credit card can be used virtually worldwide, at all ATMs and ATMs. Remember that there may be a regional lock on your card, which must be opened before you leave.


7. Two cards

Two credit cards

Having a card in hand is always an advantage. What happens if you are traveling and your utility card is stolen or the chip stops working? Then it is wise to have an extra card so that you do not sit without money. Remember that if your bank card or credit card is stolen or you lose it, then you must call the bank in question and get it blocked as soon as you notice it is gone. This way, you can avoid card fraud.


8. Clearly

With the use of credit cards you can easily keep track of your own finances. You will be sent a monthly invoice every month that makes it easy to see what your money is going to in a busy day.

With this, we hope you have a better understanding that even though you have complete control over your finances and dislike buying things on credit, the proper use of a credit card can both pay off and even be safer.